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Potential (Changzhou) chemical co., LTD., located at the famous historical and cultural city - Changzhou, who is an integrated trading company and is engaged in selling 、importing & exporting pesticides technical & formulation, intermediates and raw materials, product research and development, and production. Company general manager in pesticide industry for more than 20 years, whose core team, with decades of sales experience at home and abroad, the policy of the company is: based on the domestic market, develop overseas markets.

Our main pesticides involve insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, including hundreds of traditional agricultural medicine and newly developed varieties, and we can also customize various formulations (WDG, WP, EC and SC, SL, FS, etc.) and package based on customers’ requirement. 

At the same time, we established good relationship with a number of large-scale petrochemical enterprises, from basic chemical raw materials to intermediates and then to pesticide technical and formulations, forming a complete supply chain.

We can use current and good oversea channel to import high-quality raw materials for domestic enterprises to improve whose competitiveness of the products
In technology, we have a number of advanced technologies and key technology we are willing to achieve common progress with domestic and oversea companies through technical support or transfer,

We have good sales channels, strong products structure; focus on the inside and outside market, and advanced technology and excellent talents, looking forward to become your most loyal friend and most trusted partner!