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Broadly speaking, culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth of human social history created by the process of practice; narrow sense, culture is a social ideology and organization associated with the system to adapt. 
The corporate culture is in production, management practices, and gradually formed the identity and compliance for all employees, with the mission of the characteristics of the organization, vision, purpose, spirit, values and philosophy, as well as in the production and operation of these ideas reflect the sum of the practice management system, employee behavior and corporate external image. It is the cultural, educational, scientific, military and other organizational culture are different in nature. 
Corporate culture is the soul of an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development. It contains a very rich content, its core is the spirit and values. Values are not here refers to corporate management in various cultural phenomena, but the business or enterprise employees engaged in the production and operation of some of the value of goods held in concept. 
The concept of corporate culture different expressions 
The concept of corporate culture, composed of many different understanding and expression: 
An American scholar John Kotter and James Heskett believes that corporate culture is an enterprise in various departments, at least those corporate values and business practices business executives who have in common. ...... Refers to the various functional departments in a business division or department located in different geographical environments have a common cultural phenomenon that. 
2, Tres Deere and Alan Kennedy believes that corporate culture is the values, heroes, customs, ceremonies, cultural networks, enterprise environments. 
3, William Ouchi believes that corporate culture is "aggressive, defensive, flexibility - that determine the activities, opinions and values, behavior patterns. 
4, the corporate culture is a new theory of modern enterprise management, business to really step into the market, out of a development faster, better efficiency, the overall quality continues to improve, so that the path of the coordination of economic development, it is necessary to spread and deepen corporate culture construction. 
5, the corporate culture has both broad and narrow understanding. Broad corporate culture is an enterprise created by the material culture and spiritual culture with its own characteristics; narrow corporate culture is the business purpose of the enterprise with its own personality formed, integrated values and ethical codes of conduct. 
6, the corporate culture is a social and cultural system in an organic important part, it is the national culture and modern consciousness within the enterprise comprehensive reflection and expression, is a sense of community characteristics and lower corporate culture and modern influences as well as the formation of consciousness this awareness generated behavioral norms. 
7, the corporate culture is a group of general awareness and attitudes outside the enterprise. -